The Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur (formerly Kanpur University) was established in 1966 to alleviate the burden on Agra University. Initially acting as an affiliating institution, it gradually evolved into a residential university. Over time, it expanded its infrastructure and course offerings, including job-oriented and vocational programs. By 1997, it had developed a robust academic culture and established itself as a quality teaching and research institution. The university underwent significant growth, affiliating numerous colleges and establishing various faculties and institutes.

In 2017, it affiliated colleges from multiple jurisdictions, solidifying its position as a leading higher education institution in the state. By 2021, the university underwent organizational restructuring, introducing several schools aligned with the New Education Policy 2020. It aims to promote academic excellence and contribute to sustainable development goals and self-reliant India. With over a million students and a wide range of subjects and disciplines, CSJMU Kanpur stands as a symbol of academic excellence in the region.